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Eco Practices

Our Eco Practices include the following:

We carry lots of eco-friendly items, many of which contain organic cotton, recycled material, hemp or bamboo.

We support fair trade organizations to ensure that local artisans work in a safe and healthy environment, and receive a fair wage.

We carry many products made from repurposed and recycled items.

We reuse paper, boxes and envelopes whenever possible. We reuse packing materials that have been sent to us by others in order to ship your items to you.

All day-to-day printing is done on recycled paper & we always use both sides.

We recycle all unusable paper, cardboard, newsprint, plastic, metal and glass.

Our retail bags for in-store customers are made from 100% recycled paper.

We never advertise via "junk mail" because that's a waste!

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